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    Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m Julianna and I’m the owner of my own Seattle Wedding Boutique Photography business. I'm also in LOVE with anything handmade, hair, makeup, fashion, filmmaking and of course my business partner, (aka my husband) Nathan. In this blog you find the latest in my work, life and some insight into running a wedding photography business from my point of view. I also hope to inspire you with the love stories of my couples and my "How To" video tutorials.

    Enjoy! ;)

“HITCHED” = Nicole + Paul – Sanders Estate

FEATURED Sanders Mansion wedding - photo01

Our wedding:

We loved every bit of our wedding. The time spent with just our bridal party and family just before the wedding was special to me because it was at that time that it felt like Paul’s and I worlds had officially collided. Our friends and family are so important to us both and it was so special to have them not only come together but enjoy each other. Our entire wedding day was spent laughing, loving and enjoying the company of our closest family and friends.

Sanders Mansion wedding - photo07Sanders Mansion wedding - photo05

Favorite fun memory

Paul and I had NO idea what to do or how to cut our “wedding cake”. Paul hasn’t been to many weddings and I tend to panic when I feel like everyone is looking at me. Paul was nothing but himself and took matters in his own hands by cutting our cake, which was not dense enough to pick up with our hands and fed me a huge piece of cheesecake with the pie cutter and then fed himself the second bite. The room filled with laughter and completely lightened the mood  as we both laughed off our utter confusion of how to “properly” proceed with the tradition. 

Sanders Mansion wedding - photo06

Special thanks to everyone that worked hard on Nicole + Paul’s wedding day!

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“HITCHED” = Amy + Mike – Chicago Backyard Wedding

FEATURED - Rennard Photography01

Favorite Wedding Day Memory:

My best wedding day memory was our ceremony.  My husband and I exchanged our vows under a huge willow tree that him and his dad had planted about 20 years ago.  The sun hit the tree perfectly and it was such a serene and magical setting.  As we spoke our vows it felt like it was just the two of us there in that moment.  Walking back up the aisle, it was so great to see all of our family and friends there to share in our happiness.

Rennard Photography02

Our entire wedding was all about family and friendship.  We are so blessed to have so many talented people in our lives! Our theme was “professionally homemade”.

Rennard Photography03

All of our details were DIY, which was really important to us.  It made the celebration so special and we have many great memories from our wedding.  It was truly the day I had always imagined.

Special thanks to everyone that worked hard on Amy + Mike’s wedding day!

  • Reception | Groom’s Private home
  • Ceremony | Groom’s Private home
  • Catering | Portillo’s
  • Cake or desserts | Bride’s mother DIY
  • Hair & Makeup | Mario Tricocci
  • Coordinator | Shelby Manore
  • Dress & Attire | Melissa Sweet
  • Jewelry | Borrowed from Mother-in-Law
  • Florals | DIY
  • DJ | DIY Bride’s Brother
  • Invitations |  Graphic Giraffe

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December 30, 2013 - 4:14 am

David @ AiP Creative Photography - Very lovely pics!

“HITCHED” = Megan + Nick – Swan’s Trail Farm



Nick and I met at a 4th of July party. I asked him to make me a hot dog, and the rest is history! After many fun-filled years, Nick finally popped the question. We were snorkeling (one of our favorite activities), and Nick told me he wanted to show me a “crab.” Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have seen thousands of crabs, so I wasn’t too interested, but followed along anyway. I looked to where he was pointing, but couldn’t see anything (since there wasn’t anything there, he was just trying to make his move), so I decided to head into shore. As I was snorkeling into shore, I felt a little tug on my fin. I turned around, and to my surprise, Nick was holding a beautiful diamond ring. Long story short, he proposed underwater. It was absolutely perfect!


Snohomish has an abundance of stunning wedding venues, and since I grew up there, I knew right away that was where I wanted to get married. We fell in love with Swan’s Trail Farm immediately – it was the first, and only venue we looked at. Everything else fell into place quickly after that. Nick let me take care of the majority of the planning, which definitely worked out in our favor! I had a clear vision of what I wanted the wedding to look like, but since I’m not a very crafty person, I turned to Etsy and other online vendors to take care of all my detailing needs!


It turned out perfectly. It was such an amazing day, that it would be impossible to narrow the day down to a few favorite memories. Nick and I seeing each other for the first time was definitely a highlight – I couldn’t believe how nervous I felt beforehand. We also loved spending time with our families and friends.


It was so crazy to have all the people we care about in the same place at the same time. During the year and a half we were engaged and planning, we felt like the wedding couldn’t get here fast enough. Looking back, it’s unbelievable how quickly our wedding day and the events surrounding it went by, but it was definitely the BEST DAY EVER.


Special thanks to everyone that worked hard on Megan + Nick’s wedding day!

“HITCHED” = Jeremy + Loan – Four Seasons Seattle Wedding

FEATURED Four Seasons Seattle Wedding - photo01


He waited a year to find the perfect match, she waited a few seconds. After she was introduced try out a dating site as a fun way to meet local guys, she figured why not. Within minutes he sent her an email and after their first date rock climbing he said he knew she was special. Their relationship went without a hitch.

Four Seasons Seattle Wedding - photo03

Later, during one of their many dates of adventure on a hike he set up his tripod and camera. While she thought it would be another photos of memories, he popped the question and the memory was fully captured.

Four Seasons Seattle Wedding - photo08

Four Seasons Seattle Wedding - photo05

Our wedding was everything we hoped it would be.  Full of family, friends and love.  Some of our favorite memories were seeing the kids dressed up in their little tuxes, Loan having to wing her vows and our first dance!Four Seasons Seattle Wedding - photo12

Special thanks to everyone that worked hard on Jeremy + Loan’s wedding day!

“HITCHED” = Emily + Aaron – Roche Harbor, San Juan Island Wedding



Our wedding was a weekend-long event planned with our guests in mind with months of DIY projects leading up to it and we could not be more thrilled with how it all came together! Saturday kicked off the celebration with a chartered sunset dinner cruise throughout the magical San Juan Islands with an epic sunset.


Sunday brought everyone together for our very moving rehearsal dinner, complete with best-man-turned-bartender, speeches and songs that brought happy tears, s’mores around a giant water-side fire pit, fire juggling and bridal keg stands. Our wedding Monday brought it all together and was yet another series of beautiful moments with everyone we love–it was the cherry on top.

We have so many memories from the weekend that made us husband and wife but the most amazing moments were built around our family and friends coming together, enjoying each other and the location, making new connections and continually asking what they can do to help.


Just a few highlights include: our groomsmen creating a driftwood teeter-totter in the middle of pictures, my two and half year old niece leading the whole dance floor, juggling with my dad, incredibly meaningful speeches from our loved ones, the couple who caught us on the dock and asked if we’d like pictures on their yacht, when I was suddenly lifted over the dance floor in a chair, a lively induction of Aaron into the “outlaws” and smoking cigars while navigating our marriage license.


We both felt so loved, celebrated and supported as we exchanged our vows and celebrated this new beginning of us as husband and wife!


December 16, 2013 - 8:32 am

Nicole Thomas - Nice wedding ceremony after watching the photographs I think all the arrangements made for the wedding were well organized by any event manager.
Nicole Thomas